Friday, January 9, 2009

Gonna Give Rohan a Spin

I spent last night perusing many of the MMO sites that are out there. Here are a few that I use to keep up on the ever expanding free to play or F2P games out there:

Free MMO Gamer



There are more but most of em will have the same stuff that you can find on any of those.

So after checking those sites out looking for my next addiction I found a game called Rohan. I was only able to log on for a minute this morning before real life called my name and I had to leave for work but it looked pretty decent. The only thing that irked me in the beginning is that it uses the typical Asian made click-to-do-everything interface that I hate. Maybe I'm not used to it but you always end up running near mobs (monsters) when you are trying to select them and they move. It adds such a clunky separated feel to the game interaction compared to using WASD to move.

Regardless I'm gonna give it a spin after work today to see if the rest of the gameplay makes up for the awful clicky stuff.

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