Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Self Revelation

So, I was messing around on the MMORPG.com forums this morning having a conversation with a dude about how our boredom with MMO's could possibly be the fact that we are getting older. Most of the gents that have been around since the beginning are the ones that I think are getting bored. When I say beginning I mean Meridian 59, The Realm, Everquest and Asheron's Call.
I'm talking playing these kinds of games since the beginning of time, when Moses was a private in the army etc.

Well, we came to the conclusion that a lot of what is affecting our enjoyment of MMO's and other games in general are our ages. At first I took the route that any 'almost thirty' guy would take and told myself "No fuckin way man, GAMERZ 4 LIFE!"

Then I turned around, saw my wife of 11 years and my three kids all getting ready to go to school. It dawned on me, I think I may be 'out growing' video games. Video games have been part of my life for so long that I still play them and they are still fun but not in that adrenaline pumping way. Not like they used to anyway. It's one of those things where you WANT to like them and you WANT to have a ton of fun but you just don't. You end up playing them out of habit or nothing better to do.

After purchasing a treadmill a couple weeks ago I have been staying away from playing games for hours a day and trying to get in shape. The weird thing is I feel fine about it. I actually enjoy having more time with the kids, the wife and to get in shape.

I am still going to play MMO's due to the fact that I still do have fun with them, it's just not as much as before. There is a reason you never see really old folks jamming an iTouch version of Q-bert I suppose. On the other hand, my first assessment could still definitely be true: they all just plain suck anus right now.


  1. Well I tend to agree with you, I'm 24 and games are becoming boring but fallen earth seems to spark a new found interest.

  2. Definitely, I have been trying like crazy to get into beta but no luck so far.

  3. I couldn't agree more, I spend more time arguing with complete strangers on a forum than actually playing games now. I recently played Chrono Trigger as I somehow missed it the first time it came it and kinda forgotten how nice it is to play a game without a random idiot getting in your way, waiting for a loading screen, being corpse-camped, getting lag, etc etc.