Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back to WAR

I became seriously disenchanted with this whole blog thing when it seemed like no one was reading my super duper, ultra uber and just basically bad ass posts. So I stopped. I would always come by and see if anyone said anything or not but mostly that was a big fat negatory.

I did have a change of heart though. I think blogging is more like a journal that others can read if they want to. After coming back again I read some older posts and they actually entertained me even though I'm the one that wrote them. Call me narcissistic or egotistical but it's the truth. So here I am again plugging away at my online journal in an attempt to create more of a gaming history that I can read again way later down the road. Welcome if this is your first visit and welcome back if you have stopped by my little corner of the interwebz before.

I did the free to play circuit for a while searching for that something that can take me back to my Asheron's Call days but I gave up. Anyone else see a reoccurring trend here? Hah. Most of the free to play ones are all way too grindy for my tastes. Now all MMO's are grindy. No doubt about it. That is the nature of the beast. In my eyes a game that hides that the most is FTW. A game that I wanted to like was WAR. I started in open beta and went for about three months before stopping. I stopped because of the server populations being horrible. You really need a TON of people on a server to enjoy it. Specially being in Alaska and in the army by the time I get around to playing the rest of the real world is asleep. Well, Mythic consolidated their servers and wow, huge difference. I am digging it. My little Choppa is level 16 and climbing quickly.

More to follow tomorrow. I need to get off my ass before I'm late for a work obligation.

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