Monday, April 13, 2009

I Fail

Yeeeeah... I know I said I was going to post again but I didn't. While I'd like to say that evil communist ninjas attacked me and my internet connection but I simply forgot. That's all there is to it. No awesome asskicking reason other then I am a dumbass. It seems that I do that a lot. I cannot seem to remember anything for the life of me. Not stuff that matters anyway. How about this one:

up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A

If that means anything to you go ahead and give yourself some old school cool points. For those of you who don't, it's the lives code for the old NES game Contra. You have to hit all those buttons before the title screen slides completely into view in order to score a buncha lives. So I can remember something like that from around 20 years ago but I can't remember to get gas on my way home from work, or post a blog entry. It's not as if I don't have anything to talk about, I have plenty.

What can you do?

As I stated before I started playing WAR again. I am enjoying myself more this time around. Deciding on a main is something else entirely. I have a Bright Wizard, Choppa, Warrior Priest and Archmage that I have been bouncing back and forth between.

The Bright Wizard is a blast to play. Conflagration spec is where it's at. Destroying huge swathes of Destruction in one fell swoop is pretty bad ass. When I have a competent healer and tank that is. There is a ton of whining coming out of every WAR portal on the internet about Bright Wizards being overpowered. I don't think they are. One thing that I do think needs a tweak is the ground targeted AE being able to fire off without line of sight. If they changed that it would alleviate a ton of the grief they are getting. If they required line of sight then whatever they are hitting could hit them back and there would no longer be Rain of Fire spam being fired off with impunity. Like I said, fun class but there are a million of them. I enjoy playing underplayed classes. Not being a dime a dozen is something that appeals to me.

CHOPPA!!!! Awesome concept, awesome execution, awesome setting. Being my first Destruction class I was sincerely impressed. The Greenskin speak and lore is actually pretty damn entertaining. As far as dishing out asswhoopins this guy is top notch. They do suffer from the same problems that all of WAR's melee DPS share, you run in, try to kill someone before you die, rinse and repeat. This gets old but I am only rank 21. I'm going to keep playing him until he no longer tickles my fancy.

Ahhh the Warrior Priest. My first and only rank 40. He's no book holding sissy, he smashes faces in the name of Sigmar! This guy was a blast up until the addition of Righteous Fury to offhand books. Warrior Priests have gotten pigeon holed into being heal bots. If you aren't Salvation spec with a book you are worthless. At least that's the impression I get.

Last choice is the Archmage. Now this guy is a healbot and I like it that way. He is rank 19 and climbing fast. This guy lets me be a less played class and fill a needed spot in the MMO universe causing the warm and fuzziness that we all love and adore to crop up. My main problem with his is solo PvE is about as fun and fast paced as sliding down a hill covered in glass.... with no pants on. Essentially when the scenarios and open RvR die down in the evening this guy is zero fun.

Those are the choices. I actually considered deciding on one and deleting all the others so that I won't be tempted to play them. Desperate measures for desperate times.

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