Thursday, October 10, 2013

Once Again, I am Back!

As I was sitting at home on something close to 30 days of leave I remembered that this little piece of the internet existed. After reading every post that I had put up here I realized that I missed blogging. It was the opportunity to have all of my online gaming exploits and ramblings related to those exploits cataloged. Once I got to the end of the posts I had that little sinking feeling that I could have had more. The gap between 2009 and now held so many more fun and interesting things to talk about.

 So, here we go again with a sincere attempt at getting this going and sticking with it. I joined up with the Newbie Blogger Initiative which should really help me stay on target and focused. If you have any sort of desire to get into blogging I highly recommend you peruse the NBI blog and forums. It is a great source of motivation.

 Rather than dragging this out and recapping what I have been doing MMO gaming-wise for the last, oh, four years, I am just going to wrap this short post up with what I am playing now. 

Planetside 2 - Oh man am I addicted to this game. Much to my productivity level's dismay I have over 400 hours logged into Planetside 2. Sitting at my armchair general station shooting virtual people in the face for 5 or 6 hours at a time is not above me.

Guild Wars 2 - This is another game that I have been spending unhealthy amounts of time playing. I bought it when it came out a year ago but it never really bit me. After updating my OS to Windows 8 I decided on a whim to download it again. My level 30 Charr thief is kicking ass and taking names.

 Rift - So awesome. One of the best theme park MMO experiences out there. If everything goes according to my master plan my internet friends over at Channel Massive will all be playing Rift together, my dream job of getting paid six figures a year to do nothing will land in my lap, and I will have my underground house. My TRUE man cave. MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH

 Soon world, soon.....