Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gaming Forums

So, I was playing my Dark Elf mage for a bit and the curiosity struck me. I wanted to try an archer with aspirations to eventually take the scout route.

Get it?!? Scout route!?!?!? Har har har I'm a poet and didn't know it... BA-DUM-CHING

Naturally, I logged onto the forums to soak in all of the information, trial and error, and testing that others have already done. Low and behold everyone claims that the scout is pure unadulterated poop. Worst class in the game according to the majority of Rohan veterans.

After I read that it hit me, I did it again. Did what you ask? I ruined my game experience by going to the forums. A bad habit that I always tell myself that I will not do is to visit the class specific forums for whatever MMO it is that I'm playing at the time. It's like Groundhog Day. I do it all the time. The only difference is Bill Murray changes what he does but for some reason I cannot resist. I get excited about a class, work out a certain talent/skill build and then I screw it all up. I go and see what others are doing, what talents or skills are the best and, most of the time, they disagree or put a lot of stock in something that I deemed as no good and I lose my character motivation. Without that I will play it a couple times and then just not log on again. This happened and I went back to my future warlock who, by the way, is forming up to be a farming machine.

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